Adrienn Szakács

Adrienn Szakács

I'm a pscyho who loves horror, games, anime and likes to draw i'm the weirdest in school but this is the funniest thing in my life
Adrienn Szakács
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Let's respect this please!

Not Zelda!Link, Zelda, Toon Link - The Legend of Zelda/Nintendo.For those who has been trying to find a logic in this comic, It’s just a joke, don’t take it to seriously.(by MeeeLifer)

Levi Ackerman, Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin

Omg it worked XD

Pinning to test this. okay I'm editing it now after pinning it and it didn't work on me, but my friend who sent it to me said it worked on her, so I guess it works on some.lest see if this works

This is the most truthful thing I've seen written about them... <3 from one undead soldier to another!!!

I am an Undead Soldier in the Undead army and I will fight for the Undead army with my undead brother and sister soldiers. And together we will fuck up the normal people and make them join our mother fucking army!

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