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trio xylophone copy LR

Last term I had the privilege of working at Broadford Primary School in Romford. Whilst this is currently a work in progress, the outdoor music area had

Outdoor Music Station: Xylophones Wind Chimes by OwensAdventures

Outdoor Playground - Music Wall - Sensory Wall - Montessori Toys - Waldorf Wood: Xylophones, Triangles, Cymbal, and Cowbells

how cool is this musical/sensory bamboo structure from Sounds and Senses?! You walk through the hanging bamboo, creating random music as you go. I LOVE it!

"Bamboo spiral: This gives an unusual auditory experience to anyone who ventures into the ‘forest’ of hanging bamboo poles - a version of surround sound!" - Sounds and Senses ≈≈ it's like an enormous wind chime.

Pavilion Exhibition

Designed and constructed by students from the College of Architecture, Kuwait University, PAVILION is an architectural design exhibition that is.