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Budapest, Hungary / Just like the wind, I am wild and free.
Greta Mo
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Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon by NastyaKulakovskaya

Dawnguard DLC art. I love Serana! She's like my best friend in Skyrim. She's a great follower and fighter.

This art request for painting by me Thank you very much for zombiena request me drawing Serena for her, I feel happy this picture appear in my gallery, .

Sneaking level is too high

Sneak level is over nine thousand.

The Elder Scrolls,фэндомы,Партурнакс,TES Персонажи,Paarthurnax,Skyrim,TES скриншоты

Just, freakin' Dragons.

Skyrim Bustina campione Tè Infusi Tisane di LoSkeeverAmmiccante

Skyrim Sachet sample Infusions Tea Infusions by LoSkeeverAmmiccante

Skyrim - this made me laugh so hard! :D I hate it when I'm trying to sneak, and it says I'm detected, when the only thing that can see me is my horse

Fucking horses always turning me in and shit!

Skyrim Inspired Hold Shield Coasters  Full Set by infamouscrafts, £15.00

Skyrim Hold Shield Coasters Full Set by infamouscrafts on Etsy,

Losing horses in skyrim is inevitable

Losing horses in skyrim is inevitable

Screw the Blades, Parthy and Odie are awesome! *hugs the dragons defensively and gives the protective-mama-death-glare*  Both embaressed dragons: "Dovahkiin please."

i luv paarthurnax he is my papa dragon ~Sue

skyrim | Tumblr

I am her, Danna (rhymes with Hannah), rusted & weathered & loving fantasy, folklore, fables and.