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Inspiring image christmas tree, mountain, polaroid, snow, winter - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

I first heard about William Eggleston through my good friend and talented street photographer Charlie Kirk about a year and a half ago. He mentioned that he just purchased a copy of “Chromes&…

A short summary of the history of the Los Alamos Project created by American photographer William Eggleston, from the moment the photographs were taken to the first time they were actually exhibited, forty years later.

Saatchi Art Artist Jaume Serra Cantallops; Collage, “Paradise. Limited Edition Print 2 of 10” #art

A nice combination of images that appear as though they could be used as a PSA poster of some sorts or an awareness add. A nice set of photos layered well with one another all while feeling balanced and having main focal points.

Eleven and Clara

I love the way the Doctor looks after Clara. She's so important to him, and in this scene he hasn't even figured out why yet. <--- I really love their relationship! I think I ship them as hard at river and the doctor?