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John Buscema, Savage Sword of Conan

John Buscema Savage Sword of Conan Page 11 Original Art (Marvel, Conan finds himself unseated by a comely - Available at 2013 August 1 - 3 Comics.

Somedays (today) this is how I feel...overwhelmed, wanting so badly to be enough...but then remembering...I am not a superhero. Somedays I alone am not enough. Sad yet true.

Illustrator Kerry Callen created these illustration " Super Heroes Super Embarrassing’ showing Superman and Wonderwoman in a crappy situation due to their stupidity. Illustration is simple, funny,effective and i love it

Crap! I am already in costume

Super Embarrassing Illustrator Karry Callen made these sweet illustrations of a Superman-esque and Wonder Woman-esque hero busting out of their costume and revealing their superhero underwear. Super embarrassing, of course. These designs are available on

favd_thisisnthappiness-November 09 2016 at 04:46PM

favd_thisisnthappiness-November 09 2016 at 04:46PM