When you follow birds you understand the importance of being. The sky, the trees, the wind and the earth all dance to the same tune. You stand their in awe. Beauty is in being. There is grace on these wings~gliding on air lit by the sun. Creating poetry for the soul ~until the day is done...Angi... ***Please pin large IN-FLIGHT photos with NO script underneath***Thankyou
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Hummingbird collecting nectar from a last summer blooming succulent - Picture Colors: Aqua / Teal, Pink, Green

Chasmoptera hutti It is always a delight to find these lacewings fluttering around the plants. Very little is known about its eating habits or what its larvae look like.


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The thrill of photography to capture a nano-second in time. Here a Crow/Raven in flight. ART of the highest order in both Photography and Nature.