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an assortment of decorative items displayed on a table with purple and black paper, including cards
Funto Scrapbooking Kit (185 PCS), Medieval Chapter - Neruda Love Poem, Ideal Gift Box Packaging, Perfect for Bullet Scrapbooking Materials, Planner DIY Craft Collage
PRICES MAY VARY. PERFECT STARTER SET - 185 pcs scrapbooking kit have everything you need, this makes it perfect for both beginners & experienced journalers. HIGH QUALITY - Funto scrapbooking kits are made with high-quality paper that is durable and will keep your memories safe for years to come. VINTAGE AESTHETIC STYLE - Everything in this kit is vintage aesthetic style. Scrapbook paper and stickers have lots of vintage aesthetic elements. If you are looking for vintage scrapbook/junk journal ki
a painting sitting on top of a yellow chair
Pink, Purple, and White Ring Pour
A pink, purple, and white ring pour on 20"x20" canvas.