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Journey of a Chocolate Bar | Bean and Goose
An albeit condensed version of the journey of our Smoky Salt bar. From making to wrapping, there’s many stages in getting your Bean and Goose to you. | artisan chocolate | the art of gifting | Christmas gifting ideas | #sustainable #ethical #irishbusiness (music prod. by lukrembo)
four cards with chocolate and nuts on them
Bake Believe - Apelsinpraliner
Bake Believe - Apelsinpraliner
four flowered envelopes in plastic bags on a white table with the words chocolay follow
two pieces of art work with flowers and pearls on the bottom one is made out of ceramic
Фантазийные плитки
green and white cookies with gold decorations on them are in a box, ready to be eaten
كرات الشوكولاته les truffes
Les dattes fourrés 😍 تمر محشي
raspberries and other fruits are in plastic containers
How to make shiny chocolate bars
Pastry Student Tye Sule usies these products to make shiny chocolate bars. 1. High Quality Polycarbonate mould (buff your moulds with a cotton swab) 2. Tempered Couvertures like Felchlin Chocolate 3. Colored Cocoa Butter from any Chef Rubber's Collections of colors.
a box of chocolates sitting on top of a table
12-pack chocolate box | Cake box supplier, box wholesale, packaging supplier, custom make packaging