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a poster with words written on it that say, reduce pollution and recycle
15 Fantastic Sustainability and Recycling Anchor Charts
a poster with words and pictures on it that say reduce plastic waste, we can touch the world recycle
a coloring page with the words proteggiamo la natturaa
Proteggiamo la natura: ricicliamo
the earth with two children on it, and an inscription that says bovanka
cuidar do meio ambiente
a coloring page for earth day with children playing in the grass and garbage cans on the ground
an image of a cartoon scene with people and cars
Adorable printable shark paper bracelets (and many other cool animals and characters). Your kids can color their own or you can print a precolored one for them - these are fun to make both ways. Such a fun boredom buster and a great activity to do with the kids in the classroom.
a painted mural on the side of a building in front of a fence with dolphins and fish
a handprinted blue fish on a stick in front of a white door,
Cute craft idea for an Under the Sea theme! Would love to do with my nephews!
an art project made out of paper and scissors
Ena...encontrei uma sardinha!!!
Mauriquices: Ena...encontrei uma sardinha!!!