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three pictures of the inside of a house with wood and stone accents, including an open fireplace
Indoor Outdoor 4 Season Mountain Space
the inside and outside of a log cabin with wood flooring, windows, and furniture
Fireplace isnt in The same place in bottom pic
the inside and outside of a log cabin
a bed sitting in the middle of a room with lots of windows on top of it
Natural bedroom....Would you like to sleep here?
a woman sitting on top of a bed in a room with wooden walls and beams
Depri-Stimmung? 7 schöne Gründe, warum eine Lichterkette gegen den Herbst-Blues hilft
7 Deko-Ideen mit Lichterketten für Zuhause | STYLEBOOK
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place
@anchhez | decor | interior
the inside of a log cabin with wood flooring and wooden benches on each side
Pearson Design Group | Cedarview
love the row of "windows"--space for storage behind?/ Alpine_Cedar_View-8
four different views of a house at night
24 Rustic Design Ideas for Every Room in the Home
I've always loved the idea of a log cabin home. The one on this Pin and all the ones in the link are gorgeous. I could see living in several of them. The views from their windows aren't too shabby either.