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a white closet with two doors and a checkered floor in a room that has gray tile on the floor
How to Easily Install Bi-Fold Closet Doors In Your Closet
an empty room with two doors that are closed and the floor is wood planked
Bifold Door Makeover • THE HOMEMADE ABODE
an old door is painted black and has brass hardware on the bottom, along with some wood planks
Exterior Sliding Barn Door Track System | Farmhouse Sliding Door | Sliding Barn Doors For Interior Use 20181125
an open black door in the corner of a room with gray walls and white trim
DIY Closet Door Tutorial For Our Home Office
I’m back today with another update on our home office… the closet doors! When we started converting the guest bedroom into our home office, I knew the closet doors would need some help. When we built the house a few years ago, we didn’t want to spend any extra money on fancy closet doors. We... Read more
three blue doors in a room with wood floors
Bi-fold to Faux Shiplap French Closet Doors - Bright Green Door
Benjamin Moore Hidden Waterfall. However, I think she mistyped and this is actually BM Hidden Falls.
a teddy bear sitting on a chair in front of a wooden door with sliding doors
Reclaimed wood closet doors for a boy's room in Malibu, California
three pictures showing different types of doors
Converting Bi-Folds to Barn Doors (Before & After)
Converting Bi-Folds to Barn Doors (Before & After) *
an open barn door in a home with hardwood floors and white paint on the walls
Our Bi-Fold Barn Doors Replace your laundry, pantry or closet louvered doors using your existing hardware!!
an open barn door in a living room
How to Make Your Own Sliding Barn Door - Design to Build
How to build a sliding barn door. An easy to follow step-by-step tutorial.
this single track bypass barn door hardware kit allows two doors to over - lap each other so they are basic
Double Door Single Track Bypass© Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit - Use 2 doors (not included) on 1 track - Powdercoated Black - FREE SHIPPING!
This Single Track Bypass Barn Door Hardware Kit allows two doors to over-lap each other so they are basically always connected, but one door can slide in front/behind the other almost all the way. This is a great solution for limited space that requires 2 doors. Suitable for applications with two doors on one track!
a large wooden closet with sliding doors in the corner and carpet on the floor next to it
Creating A Barn Door from Bifold Doors - Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry
Creating A Barn Door from Bifold Doors - Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry