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Katalin Acsády

Katalin Acsády
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No end, no end to the journey  no end, no end never  how can the heart in love  ever stop opening  if you love me,  you won't just die once  in every moment  you will die into me  to be reborn.   Rûmi

I celebrate you my Heather with all my heart ♥ and though I know you are a beautiful Angel in heaven loved and adored by our Sweet Jesus ♥ my "Mothers Heart" ♥ aches for you endlessly. I know Jesus understands.

The circle of love ...

The people who are meant to be in your Life will always gravitate back towards yoy, no matter how far they wander.

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"The Owls Are Not What they Seem" by Dan May - X 16 " a crylic on wood pane. From the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Anniversary group art exhibition at the Copro Nason Art Gallery, Santa Monica, CA April/May