Attila Czigléczki

Attila Czigléczki

Attila Czigléczki
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Ellebo Housing, new site plan

An Alternative Space: The realm between the public and collective

View from courtyard. 165 Social Housing Units in Vallecas by Vázquez Consuegra. Photography © Duccio Malagamba.

This project proposes the construction of two parallel blocks instead of the enclosed precinct recommended by the Vallecas Expansion Area planning regulations. The uneven conditions in the surrounding area and the allotment's urban context and.

Leitão 653,Maquete. Image © Leonardo Finotti

Built by Triptyque in São Paulo, Brazil with date Images by Leonardo Finotti. is a building located in the heart of Pinheiros, a popular neighborhood which combines small traditional b.

A doll's house housing project in Stockholm by Joliark

Built by Joliark in Stockholm, Sweden with date Images by Joliark/Torjus Dahl. Having nourished an unfulfilled dream of his own doll’s house since boyhood, Per Johanson of Joliark has finally seen.