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a white house with a potted plant next to the window and an awning
Project Three - Carson McElheney
Project Three - Carson McElheney
an outdoor covered patio with large planters on each side
McALPINE (@mcalpinehouse) • Instagram photos and videos
the side of a building with wood siding on it's sides and a blue sky in the background
Wood and Faux Wood Beams
Real Wood Exposed Rafter Tails | Project Photos, Design Ideas
the roof of a house being built with wooden beams and shingles on top of it
Exposed Rafter Tails on a Dormer
Exposed Rafter Tails on a Dormer
the corner of a white house with a blue sky in the backgrounge
The Ultimate Guide To Exposed Rafter Tails - HB ELEMENTS
an unfinished piece of wood sitting on top of a roof next to a red brick building
Wood and Faux Wood Beams
an image of the details for rafter tail details on a house with wood shingles
a pink house with two doors and steps leading up to it
Isham Goddin Shop by Teresa Mucha
the entrance to a house with glass doors
Five Things Friday — Light and Dwell
a house that is in the middle of winter
McALPINE on Instagram: “Under construction in Scarsdale, NY with @cumlaudegroup @kaisertrabuela and @james_michael_howard #architecture #scarsdalearchitecture…”
a pathway between two buildings leading to trees
Pursley Dixon Poetically Reinterprets Southern Classicism