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★ Visit ~ MACHINE Shop Café ★ $ Palmer Johnson Yachts Unveiled a Golden Colored 48m Super Sport Superacht in Sturgeon Bay $

(PJ Supersport Luxury Motor Yacht - Largest Carbon Composite Yacht Built by Palmer Johnson Yachts, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Christian's upgrade. After all it's 2015. Mr Grey is always ahead of the game.

New Federico Fiorentino Design! After the great success of The Belafonte, Federico Fiorentino are delighted to announce the birth of their new.

Gold Cruising: Palmer Johnson Yachts 48M SuperSport. My favorite yacht builder.

For those of you who didn’t know, there are SuperSport yachts and then there are SuperYachts—well Palmer Johnson’s new cruiser is pretty much both!

I am happy and grateful that i have all the money i want to live a beautiful and successful life full of abundance

I am a money magnet! Large amounts of money comes in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis! I am blessed!