Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood
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the back cover of altered hitchcock presents
Could Alfred Hitchcock attraction return to Universal theme parks
Could Alfred Hitchcock attraction return to Universal theme parks
an illustrated map of the inside universal studios shows locations, attractions and other things to see
1976 Inside Universal Studios
1970's Universal Studios brochures - when all Universal offered was the backlot tour
the words studioour youtubee channel are shown in white on a light blue background
Studiotour YouTube channel
an old car is parked in front of a house on the side of a hill
Psycho House
an animated character in a sci - fi setting with lights on, and other electronic equipment behind him
Battlestar Galactica
a house being built on top of a hill
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RIP Bates Motel and “Psycho” House: Canadian Set Has Been Demolished
two men standing next to each other looking at something
Nintendo-themed lands coming to Universal Studios Hollywood and parks in Florida and Japan
Nintendo-themed areas will open at Universal Studios Hollywood and theme parks in Orlando, Fla., and Japan over the next few years.
an image of two women in front of a giant snake and another woman holding a shield
Conan Stunt Show
a fake shark is in the water near a dock
two statues of people with their mouths open in a room full of other sculptures and materials
Universal's 'The Walking Dead' attraction will open in July
Behind-the-scenes on the "Walking Dead" attraction
the inside of a glass covered walkway with people walking under it and buildings in the background
an advertisement for universal's king kong, featuring gorilla holding a bus with people in it
King Kong Encounter *Destroyed by backlot fire 2007