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The 12-Foot Rope Trick - If you have to lug full sheets of plywood (or even worse, MDF) around your shop, a 12-ft. length of rope is one of the handiest tools you can have. Simply tie a loop in each end and you have a simple handle for your sheet stock.

Working Alone with Plywood - Woodworking Techniques - American Woodworker Tie a loop in each end of a 12 ft length of plywood. With the sheet up against a wall, slip a loop under the bottom corners. Normally you'd lift it from he same side as the rope.

The plastic bag on magnetic wand is ingenious!

Pick up loose screws nails in seconds, minus the dust. Screw a pot magnet (at most home centers) on the end of a wood dowel to create your “picker-upper.”Place an inside-out sandwich bag over the magnet and start sweeping the area.

That's an awesome door.

The front door is made from re-milled old leftover beams. A custom pivot mechanism allows the weight of the massive door to rest on a tiny point, allowing for almost friction-free operation. Photo 8 of 13 in Diamond in the Rough (and Ready).