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How To Get Muscle Tone & Definition With Weight Training
How To Get Muscle Tone & Definition With Weight Training
How To Get Muscle Tone & Definition With Weight Training
a woman is doing an exercise with the words 7 simple exercises to restore a weak pel
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Postpartum Fitness: Melt Away Belly Fat with Our Mom-Friendly Workouts
Core strength and working on your pelvic floor muscles doesn’t have to only happen during a postpartum journey. You can be pregnant, or not have any kids at all. These are my favorite being that you don’t even have to lie down to get them done. As I always say, I post these exercises not just for the aesthetic aspect of being in shape or getting rid of a mom pouch, but because having diastasis recti or a weakened pelvic floor can lead to back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction (including leaking while running, jumping, sneezing, etc), pelvic pain, and other injuries. Working on your pelvic floor DURING pregnancy can actually help with labor and delivery, as well as help to have a smoother recovery postpartum. My program and app are linked in my bio! Home workouts | mom pouch workouts |
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That one time I bought a car {+ a workout}
Pregnant girl's guide to Bootie & Core! This routine can be used as a great prenatal workout, postnatal workout or even a low intensity/low impact workout for anyone who wants to tone!
Sneak safe core exercises during pregnancy
During pregnancy, it is so beneficial to stay active and moving as much as you can. With that being said, there is a lot of misinformation out there and it can be confusing! ❓I get a lot of messages from people asking if things are “correct” or “okay” and recently this was one of the messages I received— a group exercise instructor was telling her not to do ANY core because her core is “busy doing other things and while baby is in there ” 😳— It’s not common in the group fitness world to not have an instructor that is pre-postnatal certified and that is OK but if you are pregnant I want to be able to give you the tools so you feel confident and able to do what you know you should for example during a traditional core work section in the class instead of just cutting it out all togethe