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the ceiling is lit up with blue and purple lights in an art installation at night
Trident Dome by Evolution Dome | Archello
a door that is in the middle of a room with white paper hanging from it's ceiling
Paper Drawing # 9
Paper Drawing # 9
a tree with white balloons on it in a large room next to a wall and ceiling
Installations by Jacob Hashimoto
Installations by Jacob Hashimoto
an art installation in the middle of a building with green light coming from it's windows
In and Out
Green hula hoops in stone courtyard.
an artistic sculpture in front of a building with green wire on the outside and inside
In and Out
Organic hoop sculpture in 18th century courtyard.
an outdoor area with boxes and streamers in the air
The Architectural League of New York | Hula Hoop Canopy at SUPERFRONT
a sculpture made out of sticks in the middle of a field with trees behind it
outdoor tensegrity made by Marcelo Pars
the inside of a wooden structure with columns
Piscine à vagues de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
people are walking in an empty building with white walls and columns on either side of the walkway
Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition Finalist: Asif Khan. Asif Khan’s London-based practice works across the fields of architecture, industrial and furniture design. |
the inside of a bamboo structure with multiple wooden sticks sticking out of it's sides
Frères Sainsaulieu Notre Dame du Chene in Viroflay - Tìm với Google
a close up of a wooden window frame
Where's all the CNC kerf-bending? - Make:
Here's a traditional wood-bending technique that seems ready-made for CNC millers, and yet I can't find much online evidence that it's being done. To make a kerf-bend, the wood is first corrugated ...
a large wooden structure sitting on top of a hard wood floor
Home - Matsys
Parametric design | 1 |
the interior of an art gallery with sculptures and paintings hanging on the walls, in front of a skylight
shigeru ban: architecture and humanitarian activities
shigeru ban: architecture and humanitarian activities