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Router Circle Cutting Jig

Router Circle Cutting Jig - hoping to close the loop on some of the stuff I've pinned my "as-builts" as I have the time. Needs a few more mods but working good for what I've needed it for so far.

Router Bridge Planner

I had to build this Router Bridge Planner to overcome my lack of know-how or patience. Building my first ever end grain butcher block cutting boards, my 'glue-up' has resulted in boards with significant flatness issues.

Resultado de imagem para artesanato de bambu

Resultado de imagem para artesanato de bambu

Working with Bamboo | DIY Techniques

How to join bamboo and what are the best bamboo joints? Well first of, it is important to know a few basics principles about joining bamboo before discussing the different joinery techniques.