Richard Billingham (1970)

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an open field with storm clouds in the distance and grass on the ground below it
draft 004
Richard Billingham 1
a brick building behind a wooden fence
richard billingham
a blurry photo of a street light and trees
Untitled n.8, Black Country by Richard Billingham
an old brick building on the corner of a street with a gate in front of it
Richard Billingham
Richard Billingham, Black Country series
a white car parked in front of a brick building on the side of a road
Richard Billingham - 3 different bodies of work from 1 photographer
© RICHARD BILLINGHAM. Love the use of light in this sense, as well as the shadow giving the sense that something is forgotten.
two people in a room with many items on the shelves and one person wearing a red checkered shirt
Good night, Posterous
We all have family pictures somewhere close to hand, but as the world of photography became increasingly introspective, subjective and confessional the door to family life, usually closed, was kicked wide open. The very private was becoming very public. Artist Richard Billingham didn’t care about how his family ought to look when he turned his gaze on them and their situation at the heart of working class life in Thatcher’s Britain. Nor was he concerned about photography when he was
two people are hugging each other in the living room with wallpapered walls behind them
Richard Billingham: "Ray's a Laugh" (2000)
Richard Billingham from Ray's a Laugh, 2000