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Put those conkers to good use with a fun snail craft. This clever kids project is perfect for fall.


25 kihagyhatatlan őszi ötlet gyerekeknek


25 kihagyhatatlan őszi ötlet gyerekeknek

Celebrate fall with these 10 fun DIY projects with leaves, either real ones from your yard or faux ones from a craft store or dollar store. Try These 10 Fun DIY Projects With Leaves via


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Today I’ve prepared fall crafts to make of chestnuts, this is cool and unusual. Got a handful of chestnuts?


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Painted leaves are a simple, kid-friendly art project. // Great autumn art project for toddlers, preschoolers and bigger kids.

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Minions made from kinder surprise toy shells. Having sooo many ideas for games and little prizes for inside :)

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50 Fall Crafts for Kids: Craft Ideas Your Family Will Love How cute is this for a fall art activity? Really want great hints regarding arts and crafts? Go to my amazing website!

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A neat idea for a preschool craft! Go for a fall walk and collect leaves. Mod-podge to mason jars. Use battery operated candle inside jars. Tie fall ribbon around mouth of jar.

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