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When it comes to choosing clothes to wear in the Fall, one of the favorite tops is a plaid shirt.  The plaid pattern, especially if the colors are burgundy or green, fits right in with a fall wardrobe.  Plaid is also popular in the Winter and Spring seasons.  In the Fall, you can wear plaid …

It's no secret that plaid is one of the season's best trends.the moment fall arrives, it's all things plaid with scarves and tops, shoes and coats. - mens fitted denim shirt, mens button down flannel shirts, mens black and white button down shirt *ad

Things We Do to Look Beautiful (That We'd Never Tell a Guy)

Whether we're getting ready for a date night or a big party, we do some things to get pretty that we would NEVER tell a guy. How many of these beauty tricks do you do while getting ready? There's some pretty interesting one in here I might have to try