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100 Times The "Harry Potter" Movies Were Visually Perfect

Deathly Hallows

My interpretation of "The Tale of Three Brothers" scene in Harry Potter and the Deatly Hallows movie. Watch the scene here: [link] Zoom in for details. The Tale of Three Brothers

bar Leaky Cauldron

Medieval Design Inspiration: inspired by the Middle Period of European history to century). This dramatic look reflects the stone castles and wooden dining halls of this era. <--- I'm pretty sure it's the set for the Leaky Cauldron from Harry Potter.

ᏇᎥɲɬҽɽ`ʂ Ꮗakเɲǥ Ɗɽҽαɱ ❅~

"my silent friend will you write me another story" ~Kylie Johnson 'Count me the stars' .