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Tops of feet: have reflex zones for Lymph Drainage in Lungs & Chest, so important to Breast health. Bottoms of feet: relate mostly to Colon, and internal organs of Abdominal region. This could be a guide to the best foot massage

I’m always wary of class situations as I get so annoyed by people who talk or constantly demand attention during class. Especially when it’s a class I’ve paid for. Although there …

Pinner: "Your body communicates with you through different ways including your tongue. Explore your tongue every morning to determine the state of your digestion and general health!


from In TCM the pulse is read on thumb side of the wrists. With 3 fingers we press lightly to feel the rhythm of the pulse.

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Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture (YNSA): Development, Principles, Safety, Effectiveness and Clinical Applications