dat sass tho of hiro XD <<< Hiro is one sarcastic little kid. xD *adds to list of reasons why I love Hiro*

Big Hero 6

Well you know what Tadashi People need you too! Big Hero the feels! but people actually need this message so in all seriousness people do need you so don't give up

Here in these scenes, Hiro is using the same words while he's a superhero, that tadashi said to him. Hiro thought those were things a good superhero would say to others. Which means that Hiro saw Tadashi as a true hero.

Big hero

Hiro Hamada, Baymax, GoGo Tomago, Wasabi, Fred and Honey Lemon as Superheroes

Hiro, Baymax, and Tadashi

wallpaper Hiro, Baymax and Tadashi - Big Hero 6 HD : Widescreen : High Definition : Fullscreen

This guy IS Hiro Hamada.

Hiro Hamada - instant cosplay by Kishkka on deviantART - this is literally THE BEST Hiro Hamada cosplay I have EVER seen! (When my brother saw this, he just kinda paused, then said, "Is that a real person?" xD) I want to marry this person!

Big Hero 6 directors Don Hall and Chris Williams discuss the crucial "Tadashi Is Here" scene. THIS IS A MUST-READ. WOW. *CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS*

Big Hero 6 -Don Hall and Chris Williams Talk "Tadashi is Here" from Big Hero 6

Genius and he knows it.

Hiro is me playing mortal combat vs dc universe againt my cousin lol << I can't play video games that well ;