Art Basics for children... but take a closer look! The angles for the door opening can be easily applied for learning at school and at home! :)

Australian Curriculum Measurement & Geometry - - Estimate, measure & compare angles using degrees. Construct angles using a protractor. Marking the degrees that a door can open is a great visual for students learning about angles. (image only)

Stepping Up To Measurement-this is a great reference. I would of loved to have something like this to refer to in school. Be great condensed of 4 to a sheet for study guide-include 3 other reference guides on it as well.

Stepping Up To Measurement

I know from personal experience how hair-raising teaching metric conversions can get! It is not a topic that is easy to model other than on paper.

Balancing with M&M's - Practice measuring, comparing, making observations, counting, and more.

Balancing with M&M's

Kedvesnek lenni menő - falra akasztható vászonkép

Kedvesnek lenni menő - falra akasztható vászonkép

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