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Pins from a 30-something artist/craftswoman who finds a creative outlet from everyday life in the arts,
Adri's Palette
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Mixed Media Collage Print - Lilac Breasted Roller  This print is a reproduction of my original artwork. My collage process begins when I paint and texture papers of all kinds. The paper is then torn by hand and placed individually. Take a closer look. You will find sheet music, maps and dictionary pages hiding in plain sight.  Five sizes available - Paper prints available with and without white mats - No frames included.  See all my artwork at  Thanks for…

By Artist Lisa Morales Mixed Media Collage Original - Lilac Breasted Roller This piece was created using a variety of papers that I paint and texture myself. Some of the papers used include sheet music, dictionary pages, recipes, maps, and art papers.

oiseauxx brodés : superbes

BIRDS Why birds? Honestly-I don't know. I could say: "Because a bird is an archetype. Prehistoric man already drew birds in their caves.