African Hungarian Union

African Hungarian Union
Budapest / The African Hungarian Union is a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to international aid and development activities focusing on Africa.
African Hungarian Union
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mosquemoe:    Colourful west-african Terracotta Mosque. Porto-Novo, Benin. (photo by Anthony Asael)

Terracotta Mosque in Porto-Novo, Benin, West Africa

Indoor s meets outdoors ... beauty of South African architecture ...

Interior/exterior overflow at Silverhurst House in Cape Town, South Africa by SAOTA, VIVID, and Antoni Associates

Africa | The musgum, an ethnic group in far north province in cameroon, created their homes from compressed sun-dried mud. More info

Building a Musgum House in Cameroon. Musgum earth home, a traditional home of the Musgum people in Far North, Cameroon, Africa

South African architectural firm Slee & Co Architects have created the Treehouse in Johannesburg, South Africa.

South African architectural firm Slee & Co Architects create the Treehouse in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Here's another example of a Dogon door carving. That's what I want my front door to look like one day. But maybe I have to carve one myself.

africandiversity: “ More on Dogon architecture. See our last post on Dogon architecture. The joy is in the details. Above are details found in Dogon architecture. The Dogon people are an ethnic group.

Cameroon via Bernard Ryefield, "Traditional Architecture"

A residence in Ngaoundéré, Cameroon

Zaria, ville Haussa, nord Nigeria photo Bruno Barbey

Africa ~ Zaria, one of the oldest Haussa cities in Northern Nigeria ~ © Bruno Barbey

Mauritania, Oualata.  More African doorway amazingness / color palette inspiration.

Oualata, Mauritania (North Africa) Lovely house Woodif Co Photo - Mauritania, Oualata.

Organization of African Unity Monument

The Mali tower celebrates unity in Africa.

I'm a huge fan of the mosaic African patterns on this doorway detail shot. The bold colors are characteristic of Africa, and the geometric style implies that it is heavily influenced by Islamic architectural requirements.

noiselesspatientspider: painted wooden door in the old city, fez, morocco - chuck cecil