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Moon goddess

As the dark moon she presides over death. As a waxing moon, she is the creatrix. As full moon she embodies mature woman's warrior spirit. Waning she is the aging crone

A tánc fiatalon tart!

A Cute Elderly Couple Stole The Limelight And My Heart On The Dancefloor

A tehetség a konyhában rejtőzik... :)

Mama C breaking it down! Speaking of dancing, nooobody can do it like Mama C. You go Mama C! Break it down! Mama C has sure got the moves – and all while cooking up a storm in the kitchen too! Check her out dancing to Vanilla Ice’s, ‘Ice Ice Baby’….

KV&szülinap  / Coffee&birthday

KV&szülinap / Coffee&birthday

Nemre, korra, faji vagy nemi hovatartozásra függetlenül - a TÁNC összehozza az Embereket!

Formerly known as Lindy Hoppers vs Street Dancers, this is part 3 of the Invitational Battle Vintage vs. Modern Street Dancers at Montreal Swing Riot, bringi.

Jégszív /Iceheart

Jégszív /Iceheart

Minden együtt

Minden együtt


Carlos Gavito & Marsela Duran dancing in 'Forever Tango' to A Evaristo Carriego. Carlos Gavito was hailed as the best Tango dancer in the world. He danced a lot of show Tango but was a very accomplished traditional Argentinian tango dancer