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"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Moon goddess

As the dark moon she presides over death. As a waxing moon, she is the creatrix. As full moon she embodies mature woman's warrior spirit. Waning she is the aging crone

Szia :)

Photo courtesy Gerber Oh my cuteness! Seven-month-old Grace, from East Petersburg, Pennsylvania, was crowned the 2015 Gerber Baby on Wednesday, beating out more than other little ones for the title.

A tehetség a konyhában rejtőzik... :)

Mama breaks it down to Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. She is awesome. Watch how she treats her dog.

KV&szülinap  / Coffee&birthday

KV&szülinap / Coffee&birthday

Argentina...még az utcán is tangó "folyik"

még az utcán is tangó "folyik"

Nemre, korra, faji vagy nemi hovatartozásra függetlenül - a TÁNC összehozza az Embereket!

When these swing dancers meet breakdancers: Swing Riot Invitational Battle Part 3 - Crossover & Finale - Montreal Swing Riot

Jégszív /Iceheart

Jégszív /Iceheart