Marylin Monroe in the bathroom

Marylin Monroe in the bathroom


A colorful room with a Moroccan boucherouite rug. Love the shape of the white sofa, love the oddly-shaped pillows, love the lighting fixture. Just wish it had a crisper color palette.


See the squirrel and bird figurines?



secret door and wall mural

Harebell Room, "The Trees that are slow to grow bear the Best Fruit", pinned by Ton van der Veer:

blue bedroom

bohemianhomes: Bohemian Homes: Porthole bedroom - Fanciful space with both eastern and western elements in the decor.

velvet sofa and vintage mirrors

velvet sofa and vintage mirrors


Summer Blues: 11 Super-Cool Rooms to Soothe Your Senses


urged by a sudden impulse, hesitant on the frindges of battle. coming softly to folk about vaguest hints; illicit stream of nodded.


💡 When you're feeling down, try adding a metallic accent wall into your home. Because a shiny wall can brighten even the dullest of days, right?