15-11-11  Girls wearing their costumes   Kazár, Nógrád County   Károly Kofán Hungary

Hungarian regional folk costumes from Sióagrád - handpleated, full petticoats underneath, and headdress traditionally hand sewn with exquisite detail

Hungarian folk costumes - Kalotaszeg aprons - A magyar nép mvészete : számos…

hungarian generations in folk wear.  The neni's face has so much history and happiness written on it.

hungarian generations in folk wear. Tradition carries on. This image is sooo beautiful!

The traditional dress of Hungary is the most exhilarating feature of the diverse and varied culture of the country which is although not commonly worn by the Hungarians these days, but the designs of these traditional costumes are as unique comparing to other Eastern European countries.

Traditional dress of Hungary

I was lucky to be in Sâncraiu, a small majority-Hungarian village in Transylvania. They are wearing the traditional Hungarian dress of the single women.