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there are bunk beds in this room with blue carpet and white walls, along with other furniture
Three bunk bed designs I wish I had
a room with red walls and white trim | The official home for all things Disney
Beautiful lines, the lantern, the moulding & trim, the pillows... little nook in basement under-stairs closet?
The 'magical' doors that appear to defy gravity
Amazing shapeshifting doors flip and fold open at the slightest touch just like origami | Mail Online
a person walking past a table with two chairs and a vase on top of it
Interior Obsessions: Lots and Lots of Pattern - Paper & Stitch
an instagram page with two chairs and a mirror on the wall in front of it
Vintage Mix, Modern Twist
These chairs would be perfect in a champagne bar
an empty room with blue walls and white floors
Helicosm / FREAKS freearchitects
Yea im definitely looking towards japanese architecture. They do so much with small spaces, and I prefer a small tight place most of the time. But that hallway is so amazing.