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Gallery of Segerstedthuset Extension in Uppsala University / 3XN - 22
Beeld: Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
- Fan - Asif Khan - Helsinki/Finland, 2015 by Mir


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Filippo Bolognese Images
Young Architects Win First Prize for Museum of Forest Finn Culture in Norway,Exterior View. Image Courtesy of Lipinsky Lasovsky Johansson


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Work / Mir - Bergen, Norway


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Zaha Hadid Architects Win Danjiang Bridge Competition in Taiwan,© Danjiang Bridge by Zaha Hadid Architects, render by MIR
MoDA's Attabotics Headquarters is Inspired by Ant Colonies,Rendering. Image Courtesy of Modern Office of Design + Architecture


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© Bas Princen. Courtesy Fondazione Prada
Dystopian Images Explore a Foggy Irish Town Drenched in Aquamarine Light | Colossal


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Gallery of Het Kielzog Cultural and Municipal Complex / De Zwarte Hond - 1
Rendering of Regium Waterfront project in Reggio Calabria, Italy. To be completed in 2015. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects (London).


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Crevice on Behance
DAAKO - architectural visualization studio


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Danjiang Bridge by Zaha Hadid
Neubau von Stefan Forster in Frankfurt / Rotes Wohnen - Architektur und Architekten - News / Meldungen / Nachrichten -
Carraig Ridge Houses by Saunders Architecture


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Gallery of Forest House / Fearon Hay Architects - 14
After the harvest on Behance
Gallery of City Gate / Westfourth Architecture - 6


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Gallery of English National Ballet / Glenn Howells Architects - 2
Paramos House is a minimalist house located in Paramos, Portugal, designed by CNLL. Paramos House has a striking contemporary design that go...

Magic Hour

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an architectural rendering of the exterior of a building with american flags flying in the wind
National Veterans Memorial and Museum
allied works architecture - Ohio Veterans Memorial and Museum
an office building with a large glass facade on the side of it's face
京楽産業九州ビル | PROJECTS | 株式会社 日本設計
an aerial view of a building in the middle of a city with people walking around it
Berühmte Architekten – Das Leben und Werk von Zaha Hadid
erstaunliche formen und figuren in china
a very tall building sitting on the side of a road
Silver Tower Center
Silver Tower Center | building_ Silver Tower Center category… | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an empty pool in front of a building at night with lights on the water and trees around
Wings - Art Gallery
Wings - Art Gallery on Behance
a river running through a lush green forest next to tall buildings
Gallery of Utopia Arkitekter Proposes a Green Growth-Ring in Gothenburg - 1
Gallery of Utopia Arkitekter Proposes a Green Growth-Ring in Gothenburg - 1
a large building sitting on top of a body of water
Here’s Why I.M. Pei Is One of the World’s Most Revered Architects
Here’s Why I.M. Pei Is One of the World’s Most Revered Architects Photos | Architectural Digest
an airplane is flying in the sky over some buildings and trees on a sunny day
WMS Boathouse at Clark Park / Studio Gang
Gallery - WMS Boathouse at Clark Park / Studio Gang Architects - 5
an empty street next to a large building with glass walls and windows on the side
Textile Facades: State of the art at Techtextil 2015
During the day, its textile facade transforms the Fritz Lipmann Institute in Jena into a white cube, which then begins to shine gently as twilight falls. Design: hks | architekten