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shadow puppets - one of the greatest art in chinese culture, with text overlay
Shadow Puppets - One of The Greatest Art in Chinese Culture - To China With Love
The art of Chinese Shadow Puppet is not only a unique artistic type which ingenious combines with folk art and drama, but an indispensable part in Chinese Arts Center. Visit to Know more information on Shadow Puppets.
Opera, Shadow Puppetry, China Design, School Projects, Puppets, Umbrella, Illustration Art, Presentation
Marionnette d'ombre chinoise
many different types of masks are shown on a white background with black and red accents
Chinese Shadow Play, Chinese Shadow Shows, Chinese Shadow Puppetry
Chinese culture of shadow play
an art piece hanging from a wire with flowers and leaves on it's sides
Two Fine Broads
Chinese Light, Chinese Element, Chinese New Year Decorations, Puppet Crafts
fine arts, China, Chinese shadow puppetry, shadow puppet, Szechuan style, 19th century, municipal museum Munich, , Artist's Copyright has not to be cleared Stock Photo - Alamy
an artistic sculpture made out of paper and wood sticks is displayed on a white surface
Anthropology Division | American Museum of Natural History
Full Image and Description | Anthropology
There are many ways to play with & tell stories through silhouettes and shadows. This video is to show you how we can reuse toilet paper tubes (or kitchen paper towel tubes) to make shadow theatres!
the human body and its major parts labeled in black and white, with text on it
European Puppets