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Ákos Botka
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Custom Canoe Paddles by Winnebago Paddles

Winnebago Paddles is a custom canoe and kayak paddle manufacturer and retailer that specialize in using exotic wood species, unique paddle designs, and detailed grips. Winnebago Paddles are made in USA.

Paracord Project: How to make a paracord watch band - a beginner friendly infographic tutorial

An infographic tutorial on how to make a paracord watch band to help you keep time on the trail while always having three meters of paracord at hand.

African Tribal Ethnic Sculpture Statuette made with by ArtofMali

African, Tribal, Ethnic Sculpture, Statuette made with Teak Wood, The Thinker from Mali (

Don Frost Wood Sculptures

Wood sculptures created by Canadian sculptor Don Frost.