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1932 National. INTRIGUING guitars MUSIC  history RESEARCH #DdO:) - - INSTRUMENTS. John Dopyera- inventor of resonator guitar- stormed out of National shop in 1929 after months working with brother Rudy on secret project: Single cone guitar believed superior to National Triolian. Called their new instrument DOBRO (Dopyera Brothers). 1932 intro'd  single- screenhole guitars. 2 months later merged National- Dobro moved into new…

Buy Dominant Strings 131 Aluminium Wound Violin A String. These strings have a highly flexible, multi-strand nylon core and cater for artists who feel uncomfortable with steel strings.

Fender Jaguar Solid Body Electric Guitar (1969)

Fender 1969 Jaguar (Black Panther) with Painted Headstock & Block Inlays, No Silver Brand Label.

love this girl... this is a series of photographs taken of 1950's teenaged gangsters.

Bruce Davidson - Photos of a Teen Gang in Brooklyn. Legendary New York photographer Bruce Davidson documented a gang of “troubled teenagers coming of age” in 1959 Brooklyn, capturing the young almost-underbelly of a conservative, “innocent” society.