Bulls Blood - the cuvée red wine of Eger. In Hungarian called Bikavér. #Hungary #wine

2008 Egri Bikaver (Bull's Blood)Blend from Hungary

Bulls Blood or Bikavér, the cuvée red wine of Eger in Northern Hungary. the legend goes that it was mixed with blood to fortify the inhabitants as they withstood a siege by the fierce Turks in (at least the Turks believed so!

Hungarian Eger Bull's Blood

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Magyarország madártávlatból - Eger és a Bükk - YouTube

Eger Town and the Mountain Bükk video, Hungary

De northernmost Turkish Minaret in de city of Eger, located on de Eger Stream, on de hills of de Bükk Mountains, Heves_ East Hungary

This photo from Heves, East is titled 'Minaret.

Eger, várkapu

Photo of Eger, várkapu

Eger, kis Dobó tér Hungary. Foto: Szinok Gábor

Eger, kis Dobó tér Hungary. Foto: Szinok Gábor