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"Fauteuil Quetzal" par Marc Venot. Superposition de coussins (polyuréthane et polyester) qui forme un fauteuil réversible.

The Quetzal by designer for was inspired by the bird it was named after. It features 14 overlapping, bicolor pillows, that are available in a variety of color combinations.

Woodland Furniture - Communal Table

A modern rustic live edge table made with a solid black walnut top with a natural slab top on a linear metal organic base available in custom made sizes.

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A really modern look for a super chic and contemporary home, this staircase is filled with slick beauty and impressive designs. Although it’s not the most family-friendly, or the most safe, it sure brings a lot of sass and elegance into an otherwise more bare space. The glass stairs will have to be cleaned more than other materials, but they sure are pretty!

For today, I have a collection of 10 unbelievably amazing futuristic staircase designs. Each staircase has its own

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Monimalism wooden wall clock / Купить Часы "Горизонт" - комбинированный, часы, часы настенные, часы интерьерные, часы ручной работы

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