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Mcr-killjoys never die

Mcr-killjoys never die


I wanna hug Frankie now soooo hard! This just shows that he misses mcr so much! << MCR needs to get back together for frank

TBH, this was a great era for Mikey. He looked beautiful. Though, I do love the glasses+beanie+straitened hair look...

this band.has been my stronghold through everything, any hard time, their lyrics have gotten my through and i've never become emotionally invested in any other band but this one. I will forever be a killjoy


I still can't believe they photoshopped pants on Gerard.<<<when u say pants I always think underwear and my brain just goes "why wasn't Gee in underwear" and then I realised that he's wearing underwear but not trousers 😂 I'm so British