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darth vader from star wars standing in the street
a star wars character dressed up in armor and holding a helmet with flowers on it
• Star Wars x Japanese Fashion •
a star wars helmet with flowers painted on the front and sides, as if it were an ornament
a star wars character in armor and helmet
Darth Vader in Kintsugi Armor
a close up of a star wars character in red and gold armor with his hands on his hips
Stormtrooper Kintsugi Style
Sames as what I tried with Darth Vader, it turned out nicely. I've used Midjourney to generate this AI artwork.
a close up of a person wearing a helmet and armor with flowers on the side
Star Wars Samurai Explorations | AI
Star Wars Samurai Explorations on Behance
a toy cell phone sitting on top of a black table next to a yellow and green device
Δ𝓢ʜⓘ𝕯Δ on Twitter
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a digital painting of a woman with pink hair
Ariana Grande by jonathan36 on DeviantArt