Alexa Zsiga

Alexa Zsiga

Hatvan, Hungary / Novels, art, birds, melancholy and Game of Thrones
Alexa Zsiga
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Don't get too comfortable with who you are at any given time - you may miss the opportunity to become who you want to be. Jon Bon Jovi Love it!

Frida Kahlo Photomontage What The Water Gave Me by ARTDECADENCE

A photograph of Frida Kahlo, taken at Xochimilco, Mexico, in is the basis for this work. Elements from Frida's painting "What The Water Gave" Me have been added together with multiple layering and texturing in this photomontage.

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These graphic novel memoirs are as lively and engrossing as any trade issue with a costumed crusader on the front.

best book ever.

Black cover of the novel with white print which reads "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell A Novel Susanna Clarke". A white silhouette of a raven sits between "Norrell" and "A Novel".

best_ friends_ forever

brutals-realm: “come with me by CosmicKat ”