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Junghans Meister Chronoscope

Junghans Meister Chronoscope

Villa Sbertoli was built in the early 1800s by wealthy merchant Agostino Sbertoli.  He had a disabled son and so he decided to turn the villa into a psychiatric hospital, whom he tried to cure all his life.  During WW2 the Nazis used it as a prison for POW's and after the war it was turned back into a psychiatric hospital.  In 1990 it was closed and abandoned by the City of Pistoia, Italy.

The abandoned Villa Sbertoli in Pistoia, Italy. Once a private residence, it was turned into an asylum by Professor Augustine Sbertoli in then was used as a political prison under the Fascist government, then an asylum again.

Erzsébet híd, Pont Elisabeth, Budapest sous les nuages

Le Pont Elisabeth à Budapest sous les nuages

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imagine a roadtrip where the goal is to visit as many old bookstores and yard sales and just buy old books and new books and books you love and books you've never even heard of and books books BOOKS.

Lasagna Party Ring

Lasagna Party Ring For SURE I have to make this! GLUTEN FREE by using gluten free lasagna pasta. A blend will let them hold up for the sauce and meat!