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7 of the Best Oblique Exercises for a Strong Core oblique crunch

Want to build a selfie-worthy set of obliques? Swap your usual ab workout for these oblique exercises, which will give your six-pack plenty of work, too.

【ポーズとるだけ】全身痩せに効果大!プランク系のおすすめ”体幹ポーズ”まとめ◎ | GIRLY

Abdominal Exercise of the Day! Get in standard position, bring the right knee to the right elbow and switch to bring the left knee to the left elbow. Try to do this exercise for one minute 🔥😅🔥😅🔥

Cable Woodchoppers are one of the top ab exercises to hit the obliques and rectus abdominis (aka the six-pack muscles) hard, while keeping the intensity up. That burns fat and calories, and revs metab

Cable Woodchoppers [Obliques/Abs] - Great exercise but this picture is way off. The cable should be down level to your waistline and toes should be more pointed out away from the cable machine with a wider stance.