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"Rabbit Food Pyramid" - I don't agree with the vegetable part. While rabbits should have unlimited grass hay, they should have a main diet of quality pellets; vegetables and fruits are supplements (albeit important ones). Treats don't really belong on this pyramid; fruits and veggies are treats enough for rabbits. Store-bought treats, especially, are not healthy for rabbits.

Giving your rabbit the right food is tricky at first because you don't know what your rabbit likes The right food: Unlimited amount of hay and grass. Lots of vegetables 🥕 Rabbit food or pellets🐇 Fruit 🍏 Treats🍌

Target had some disposable cameras on sale 2 for $4.18, I couldn't resist getting some so we go do this. @Rachel Varney

* Eye Spy Lists For Guests With Disposable Cameras At Weddings* - create a game or list of photos / moments you want your guests to capture on their cameras. This gives purpose to the camera sitting on the table and you’ll get photos you want.