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a person making snowflakes out of tinsel on top of a metal table
2M views · 13K reactions | Picture frame window | window, Rick Lax, picture frame | Picture frame window Had so much fun making this easy picture frame winter wonderland themed window. All items can be found at the Dollar Tree except... | By My Life | Just want to get the edges of your frames Now, while this is drying, we are going to work on our frames. Glue all of them together Perfect. Just like that. These are all Dollar Tree picture frames. 8 by 10. You can do any size you want but this is the size that I chose for this fun project. Let's make sure all the pieces are good and this is how it should look. Next, grab any kind of white acrylic that you have. So, these are wooden ornaments that you can paint and make it your own. Cute. So, we are going to paint it white. Here we go. Just doing a nice even coat. Even coat. Just do one side. There's no need to paint the other. I will show you why in a second. Now that everything is painted. I'm going to let it dry. See how it looks. Maybe do another pass at it and then go from there. Let's put our beautiful frames back Amen. Jesus name. Nice. Okay. Secure it. Lay down. Looks like a snowy window. Yeah. There was a blizzard. There was a blizzard. Next. We got here. We got some fun lights. Whoa. We will be adding. Battery powered. To our beautiful window. Love it. Leave it right here in the middle where it's the thickest. There you go. Just kind of write it along. The glass. The glass. Okay, so it should look something like this. Beautiful. Yeah. Now that the trees and all our snowflakes are dry, it's time to add them to our window. So I'm just going to go ahead and glue them right on. Here we go. Time to glue on the snowflakes. I'm just going to do it right in the middle. Poop. Baby, it's cold outside. Baby, it is cold outside. Another one right there. Oh, it looks so good, you guys. It legit looks like a window. I'm obsessed. It's adorable. Are you ready to see it? Let's see it. Okay. Ready. Set. Wow. That came out so good. How cute is this? I think we need to turn the lights off so everyone can really see what this looks like. Alright. Yeah. Yup. Okay. Let's see it. There you have it. So cute. So easy to do. Hope you guys have fun making your own. I know exactly where I'm going to put this. He's so excited. So pretty.
a decorated christmas tree in a living room
50+ DIY Christmas Tree Decorations that spells out Elegance in Bold Letters - Hike n Dip
50+ DIY Christmas Tree Decorations that spells out Elegance in Bold Letters - Hike n Dip