Alex Valamivili

Alex Valamivili

van biciklim áám. :)
Alex Valamivili
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'Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven' by London Fieldworks

Spontaneous city, by London Fieldworks', is constructed from several hundred bespoke bird boxes - in London and Norfolk UK. These sculptural ‘habitats’ are designed to contribute to the lifecycle of birds, providing spaces for shelter, nesting or feeding.

Bird house roof tiles by Klaas Kuiken

Rooftiles by Klaas Kuiken. Nowadays birds are not welcome under rooftiles anymore, so they lost a beautiful place to make nests. Placing a house on top of a rooftile, now created a nice place for a birdsnest.

UK celebrity stylist shows us the haircut of the season: the bob. The Girl: “Alexa Chung – this is the classic cut I do for her.” For: “The woman who wants to embrace trends but not too dramatically – it’s still a classic and suits all ages.