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Fanni Alföldi
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Candy Cane Reindeer ~ they are a really fun craft because they can be completely customized based on the color of candy canes you buy and the materials you use for their noses, eyes, and antlers

I love these candy cane crafts for kids! I used to make so many of the candy cane reindeer every year to hang on our Christmas tree and tie onto gifts.

pretty sure this is chicago!!!!! Wintery Christmas time

This area truly is beautiful in the winter with the snow and Christmas lights. My mom used to take my sisters and me to Chicago each year at Christmas-time it was truly magical. I will forever remember Christmas-time in Chicago.

Christmas... millions of small twinkling lights ... snowflakes flittering around in a light brezze, stillness of the world in the quiet dark of winter... love!

Downtown Traverse City in looks like this picture was taken in the winter.i've been in downtown traverse city before which is very nice,but never in the winter.