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Quinoa Tabbouleh

Quinoa Salad - love this. 1 cup quinoa, rinsed well teaspoon kosher salt plus more 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1 garlic clove, minced cup extra-virgin olive.

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6 Sci-fi Books That Will Make You Think– Reading sci-fi books can be a challenging activity to deal with. The thing about sci-fi books is that they will make you think in a deeper sense.

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Comfort by Lhianne on deviantART

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Creds to the stock holders Used stocks: [link] background [link] wolf [link] clock brush: [link] The rest is my own resources Interesting

Just because I'm strong enough to handle pain doesn't mean I deserve it.

“Just because you are strong enough to handle pain or being hurt doesn’t mean you deserve it. Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that is hurting you or not making you happy.

sunshine juice

Sunshine juice Ingredients (serves - 220 g pumpkin/butternut squash, peeled and chopped - 400 g carrot, peeled - 2 oranges, peeled - small piece of ginger, peeled Press everything through the juicer.