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This is a space dedicated to Ravenclaw, one of the four houses in Hogwarts. It is a total fictional and magical place, and here I'll heart my aesthetics about Ravenclaw: house, founder and students.

Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure. Just peeked in my planner and realized that today is Ravenclaw House Pride Day! Where my Ravenclaws at? Founded by Rowena Ravenclaw those in Ravenclaw house are defined by their wit learning creativity and wisdom. Also often known as quirky and possess unusual intellectual interests (we're looking at you Luna) Ravenclaws generally accept and encourage eccentricities. Notable Ravenclaws: . Perpetua Fancourt inventor of the lunascope Laverne de…

Perpetua Fancourt inventor of the lunascope Laverne de Montmo

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